Nothing beats the summer heat like a nice, cold beer. But how much summer do we have left?

Don’t worry. The “unofficial” end of summer is Labor Day. The “official” end is September 21. So we have several weeks of summer left. Plenty of time!

The only question left is, which beers are the best for summer? The ones that are really, really refreshing when it’s hot and humid here? Ours! But we did narrow it down.

#5 Commander’s Choice Our American Blonde with cranberry should be your choice for summer.

#4 Summer Summer Summer Lime This is a wheat ale inspired by key lime pie (as we all are).

#3 Great White Wit Brewed to celebrate Shark Week, this Belgian witbier is made with orange zest, coriander and chamomile. Yes, chamomile.

#2 Cucumber Thyme It’s an American wheat made with fresh cucumbers. This is the wheat that beats the heat.

And (drum roll)…the #1 summer beer in Charleston is Watermelon Wheat! You just have to try this American wheat made with 200 pounds of local watermelons.

There it is. The Top Five Summer Beers in Charleston! See one you’d like to try? How about all of them??? Get ‘em while it’s hot!

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