Consider this: Frothy Beard is in Charleston, South Carolina—the Holy City. AND, we will soon be moving into our new brewery, which used to be a church. Put those two together and you have our desire to create a special beer that captures our excitement about the move and really tastes like Charleston.

We call it Holy Water.

It’s a light and refreshing Belgian Saison with Soraci Ace hops that lend a grassy citrus flavor and aroma with a hint of dill in the nose. 4.5% ABV.

When we stop to think about it, we are often amazed by how we got here. We were just a few guys who liked home brewing.

It’s like our mascot, Finnegan. You know Finn—he’s the bearded guy clinging to the beer barrel. He had adventures all over and made his way to Charleston by navigating through a bad storm. He steered the ship in the direction of the church steeples. And they guided him safely in.

Just like us. And here we are. Come by to say hello and try our new beer. We know the taste will make you feel right at home.

- Over 21? -

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