Your Frothy Friends got back from the GABF in Denver, Colorado just a week ago.

What an adventure! For starters, there was quite a large SC contingent (we schooled Holy City at “Rock Band” at the brewers’ gathering the night before the festival began!)—including Palmetto, Revelry, River Rat, Swamp Rabbit, Carolina Bauernhaus, Seminar, Karen and Richard from Craft Conundrum and our favorite beer-loving wrestler, B. Furious.

One of the best things about GABF is running into other brewers all over the city (we visited some great breweries also) and comparing notes about expansion, local laws, packaging, equipment manufacturers, ingredient suppliers and more. Lots of ideas.

It’s Cucumber Thyme, Andale and Out at Third were popular with the festival attendees.

The only down part of the whole experience was, of course, Hurricane Matthew—which kept Michael and Wesley (as well as our partners in the Pro-Am competition) from leaving. And we were worried about our friends and relatives as well as our buildings, pets and homes.

It was great to be there and, of course, it’s great to be back!

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