Nothing captures the magic of the season quite like a peppermint beer.

Yes, Peppermint Porter is back on tap. And, yes, we do get a lot of questions about it. Like, “Where did you get the idea for a peppermint beer?”

It goes back to a trip Finnegan took long ago. You know Finn—our bearded mascot you see clinging to a barrel of beer. He signed on as crew for an expedition to the North Pole. Yes, from the British Isles all the way to the North freakin’ Pole. That is one long ride on a boat. Sorry, ship. Anyway, Finn told us two things really stood out about that trip:

-It was cold.

-Papa Elf gave him a beer recipe.

We listened to his story and said, “Wait…what?! Papa Elf gave YOU a recipe?! THE Papa Elf?

The very same. And you can enjoy the recipe he gave Finn today, and all during the holiday season. Officially, this beer is a milk porter with cocoa nibs and peppermint. Haven’t tried it? Do. It tastes kind of like “Thin Mint” Girl Scout cookies. Yum, right? And 7% ABV. Never had a Girl Scout cookie like that. Stop by soon for Christmas in a glass.

- Over 21? -

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