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It’s 4:00 pm right now. Actually, it’s 3:47 pm but it will be 4:00 pm when I finish typing. We’ve officially reached that point in the day that I reach every day when I ask myself “beer or coffee?” You know what I’m talking about. You’ve been there, right? You know the ultimate choice is always going to end up being beer, but you might need coffee just for the energy to make that decision. It’s a real struggle. But alas, today we can jump off the struggle bus at the next stop because we have the perfect solution – 100 Cups of Coffee Porter.

We brewed this amazing 7% brown porter with cold brewed coffee from our buddies over at Cup – Fine Coffee and Roasters.  It’s dark brown in color with dark chocolate and roasted notes.

We named this one in honor of our favorite show, Futurama. The main character (Fry) decides to spend his entire government surplus rebate check on coffee.

- Over 21? -

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