If you were hanging around with a wolf, having a few beers or something like that, what kind of wolf would it be? Like a loser wolf? No way. It would be a Victorious Wolf.

Presenting our newest beer:


Yes, with a name like that it could be a Member of the British Parliament or the hero in series of detective novels. But we’re going with our most handsome brewer, Joey Siconolfi—whose last name actually means “Victorious Wolf.”

In honor of Joey, in honor of his last name and his heritage, we brewed a very special beer.
It’s as epic as the name, loaded with Centennial, Citra and Casade hops, making it a bitter, high alcohol (11%ABV) content, citrusy bomb.

The only question left is: Can you tame the savage beast?

- Over 21? -

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