I’m super passionate about craft beer. I’m also super passionate about fitness. That’s why we launched the Frothy Fit Club just a couple weeks after opening the doors to the new brewery.

Things were going great for our little club but attendance really plummeted when the weather got cold and it got dark outside super early. So we’re going to revamp things starting Tuesday, February 20th.

You can still come out and run or even ruck, but each Tuesday will also host a local fitness organization that will lead an outdoor workout in the parking lot for 45 minutes. BOOM! Fun Times!

Tuesday, February 20th will be sponsored by F3 and FIA. F3 leads free men’s bootcamps every morning around the Charleston area. FIA does the same for the ladies. They will be leading a bootcamp workout right here at Frothy.

Remember… the more calories you burn, the more beer you can drink and pizza you can eat.

⁃ Wesley

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