If you’re not going to be in Ireland any time soon, try a Tides of Galway Irish Red from Frothy Beard Brewery. Named for an area on the western coast of Ireland (north of the city of Limerick), this beer captures the flavor of a local village pub near the rocky cliffs of the North Atlantic.

The story we hear is that our mascot Finnegan (seen clinging to a barrel of beer)—a native of the Emerald Isle—learned to read the tide tables before he actually learned to read. They were that important. We have also heard that Finn “borrowed” this recipe from a local establishment many years ago.

Fast-forward to recent times. The Frothy brewers made this recipe (and won awards with it) in their home-brewing days. It’s a traditional Irish Red made from Maris Otter and Caramel Malt and a hint of Roasted Malt that has a slight sourdough aroma. ABV 6%

You can find it at Frothy and around Charleston at many bars and restaurants. Try a Tides of Galway Irish Red. Your name doesn’t need to be Patrick or Colleen—you just need to be thirsty.

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