You hear thunder. And then you expect to see lightning.

But do you expect to see beer?

You’ll now see (not hear) Thunder! at Frothy Beard. It’s a beer we are especially proud of for several reasons. For starters, we are brewing this beer with David Holaday, Edward Marquardt and Chris Wessel—members of our former home brew club called Lowcountry Libations. So it’s great to be brewing with these guys. The recipe is from David and it already won an award—silver at the 2016 Colonial Cup.



Also, we are partnering up to enter this beer in the Pro-Am portion of the 2016 Great American Beer Festival in Denver. Wish us luck.

Also—try some Thunder! It’s fabulous. It’s pitch black—with a hint of roasted malt, balanced with Amarillo and Citra hops. This delicious (and thunderous) black IPA is 7.3% ABV.

- Over 21? -

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