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If you’re looking for a normal pale ale, IPA or porter you can stop by the grocery store or other breweries. But if you’re looking for an adventurous beer, you need to stop by our brewery today. Or you can check us out on taps across the Charleston area.

We are not going to beat around the bush here. The beer we brew is completely different than anything else you’re going to find. We pride ourselves on being different. Maybe a little funky. Maybe even batshit crazy.

Want the most refreshing beer on the planet made with cucumber, watermelon, strawberry or peach? Shit yeah we got you.

Want a spicy beer that will make you sweat like a whore in church? Done!

Want more ginger in your face than even Gilligan’s Island can provide? Boom!

Y’all, seriously. A flight of Frothy Beard is more adventure than your mouth can handle. It’s like climbing Mt Everest or sailing across the ocean in the 1600s, except with your mouth.

We can’t lie… our beers aren’t for everyone. Except you. They’re perfect for you because you like adventure. Be adventurous. Try something different.

- Over 21? -

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