Who exactly was assimilated? Did Frothy Beard assimilate Push Digital? Did Push Digital assimilate Frothy Beard? It’s hard to say, but one thing is for certain – like the borg, two species have come together to create one dangerous mofo.

Last month we made a huge announcement about our investment and partnership with Push Digital. Since its founder, Wesley Donehue, is such a huge trekkie, we knew our announcement beer had to be Star Trek themed. After all, we’ve named beers after video games, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and many more geeky things. It’s only natural that Star Trek comes next, right?

Introducing Assimilation, a rich and toasty American Stout with ancho chiles and habaneros. It’s dark. It’s hot. It’s exactly what our new partnership would taste like if it were a beer. The ABV is 7.4%. Come and get it. Resistance is futile.

- Over 21? -

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