May 4th is always a big day around Frothy Beard. We have a couple reasons to celebrate.

First, a quick story about childbirth. You’ve been warned.

My wife, Elizabeth, went into labor with our first son, Harlowe, on the evening of May 4th. While she was in labor I asked her if she could hold on a couple more hours so that Harlowe would be born on May 5th. “Every birthday party can be Cinco De Mayo themed,” I explained, promptly receiving an eye roll as a response.

That’s when it hit me. May 4th is Star Wars Day! Hell yes! My son is going to be born on Star Wars Day. May the 4th be forever with us. Elizabeth was not amused.

Fast forward a few months. Before he could even walk Harlowe would grab anything that would stay on his head and call it a “hat.”

You can view a bunch of them on Instagram with #harloweshats.

Every year on Harlowe’s birthday, we release a special beer in his honor. Harlowe’s Hats is a peanut butter and banana porter because, well, his favorite snack was always peanut butter and banana.

Harlowe has seventeen years until he can try his special brew, but you can have as much as you want, hang out with our team and celebrate Star Wars Day all at one time.

The festivities pop off at 5:00 pm on Friday. We will be here all night dressed up as our favorite Star Wars characters.


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