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OK. But why is it called Fuggle, and where on earth does it come from?

Fuggle was commercialized in 1875 by Richard Fuggle of Benchley, Kent, England. So that’s who and that’s where. But don’t think you have to act snobby just because the hops are English.

Fuggle hops are earthy and spicy, and we use a WHOLE lot of them in this beer. Fuggle Rock has lots of hops flavor and aroma, but is low in alcohol (4.5%ABV).

If you remember “Fraggle Rock,” a favorite TV show of ours, the inhabitants either worked too much (the Doozers) or too little (the Fraggles—famous for a thirty-minute work week!). Probably somewhere in the middle is better. Keep that in mind when you meet with friends after work. Enjoy a Fuggle Rock from Frothy and, even if you don’t “dance your cares away,” remember to keep work and life in balance. The Trash Heap has spoken!

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