We have a really, really refreshing beer for summer you probably haven’t tasted but should. It’s an American Blonde with Cranberry (ABV 5.1%).
Hits the spot on a hot, humid day. But why cranberry? Here’s the story:

Our brewery neighbor is a former commander in the U.S. Navy. After leaving the service, he opened a metal fabrication/machine shop called Southern Industries. He has been a great friend as well as neighbor and helped us out a lot. We brewed this on our 3rd anniversary to celebrate our friendship. But why cranberry?

Our neighbor Don grew up in Massachusetts surrounded by cranberry bogs (the state is–that’s why Ocean Spray is headquartered there)–that was the inspiration. How does it work in beer? It was so popular, we’re making it again. The slight maltiness is cut with sharp cranberry for a refreshing summer beer that is rosy pink in color.

In honor of our neighbor and friend, Commander Silva, we named it

Commander’s Choice

“Now hear this…” Make it your choice. We command you to try some!

- Over 21? -

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