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Question: who has NOT dreamed of being a falcon? We think a simple show of wings will reveal this is a widely-held wish. And why wouldn’t it be? Falcons can fly up to 200mph—imagine doing that on Ashley Phosphate. And they kill with their beaks instead of their feet—eagles and hawks use their feet. Which makes falcons much cooler. True, using your feet is interesting in an MMA kind of way, but we’re going with falcons and beaks.

Yes. We’re all in with falcons. So what if you mixed malt and falcons? Not some weird black ops secret government breeding program mixed, but mixed like we do at Frothy? Glad you asked.

The result is incredible. And we call it Maltese Falcon American Brown Ale. It’s a malt forward American Brown with a citrus hop character. Robust maltiness with a hint of roast from chocolate malt.

You seriously have to try some.

- Over 21? -

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