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FreeBeard!! No, not free beer. And not Free Bird, either. It’s FreeBeard, our collaboration with our super awesome friends at Freehouse Brewery (link to their website) who are right down the road in North Charleston.

Everyone is raving about “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”–so why not collaborate with some of our favorite brewers with the theme from one of our favorite movies.   FreeBeard Series #1 is called Cheeba Chewbacca Brown.

It’s a combination of Freehouse’s Red Door…

An American Red Ale that combines the citrusy and earthy flavors of an IPA with a dry but flavorful amber malt profile, to make a surprisingly crisp and easy drinking red ale.

And our Maltese Falcon…

A hoppy american brown ale.  Lots of malt character with a hint of roast.  Strong floral and citrus hop nose.

Bring them together and BOOM, you have Cheeba Chewbacca Brown.

It has a strong hop character and a rich malty backbone with a slight roast. Fresh Thyme and Rosemary lend a nice floral and piney character.


Brewing beer is a business and a tough one at that. We are so lucky to have opportunities to collaborate with other breweries in the biz.   Why not share ideas, laughs, and beers with the competition? We think it’s an excellent business model.

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