Part X
“What I had seen was an octopus. So I was close with my estimate—he (it?) has eight arms. I suppose that would come in handy on a busy work day. In any event, just as Eve (the mermaid) was able to communicate with me, the octopus is able as well. He asked me how I ended up on the island, and if I was in need of any food. I did thank him for his kind offer, but declined. I have been eating more coconuts and greens from the island. I am grateful for any sustenance, but I must admit to tiring of eating fish. I did ask the octopus if he’d have a look down below to see if he could find anything else from my ship. After all this time, the mallet and peg had washed ashore, but that was all. And he was under water as soon as I asked.”

Part XI
“I waited for quite some time, but the octopus did not return. I waded back to shore, hung some of my clothes on a tree to dry, and began to fix a meal. Afterwards, I must have fallen asleep. Because, the next thing I remember, it was much later in the day. I heard splashing sounds. The sea was quite calm so it was not the sound of breaking waves. It was my new friend, the octopus; trying to get my attention. I waded back out. The octopus told me he’d seen nothing underwater. He must have noticed my sad but resigned expression, because he was waving his arms (I think nearly all of them) again. What he was trying to tell me was that, although he had not seen any evidence of or from the ship underwater, he had seen something on the water. A ship!”

Part XII
“A boat, to be precise. It was off in the distance and, as I have mentioned, I have no spy-glass. But it looks like a small boat, and it looks like it is headed in this direction. The nearer it got, the more excited I became. Am I to be rescued? Is this a threat? English sailors? Pirates? Now I could see the boat better. It was a Bermuda rig, I think. And it dawned on me then—this boat is just like me. Lost at sea. But with more provisions. It was an escape boat used on ships like the one I was on. And then I heard my name being called.”

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