Part IV
“I walked the now-familiar path down the beach to look for shellfish. Having little success, I waded farther out into the sea. I thought a fish had brushed up against my leg (lunch, had I been quicker) but, when I looked, I saw a peculiar thing: a mallet. Where on earth would a mallet come from? And then it hit me. The ship! Things were swept overboard—such as myself—and what wasn’t battened down would sink or begin navigating the ocean. Also floating by the mallet: a striking peg. Now I can build a shelter and, more importantly, open a coconut. And my barrel of ale. What a day! I just wished I had someone to share it with. Just then, I saw something else peculiar. Perhaps the sun or hunger is getting to me, but I could swear, in squinting range of my eyesight, in the sea, swimming: a woman.”

Part V

“I had heard stories from sailors of men on long journeys at sea who began to see things that weren’t there. This must be happening to me. It couldn’t be a woman swimming out there. To be clear, it is not a man. If I am seeing a person, it is most assuredly a woman. And now, I imagine I will find out, because the figment of my imagination is swimming toward me. Quickly.”

Part VI

“I can’t say she spoke to me; at least, not in words I could hear as you and I might speak. But I understood her and she, me. I had been mostly correct in my observation. I had, in fact, seen a woman swimming in the distance. A rather fetching woman at that, to say nothing of her noteworthy swimming ability. Long hair, a lovely smile, slender…and did I mention the tail?”

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