“…When I came to, I took the measure of my situation. The ship was nowhere in sight, I couldn’t see any land or another soul, and I was in the middle of the sea clinging to a barrel of Andale Pale Ale. Not certain of my next move…”


“…I don’t know precisely how long I was in the water. Surely long enough. Thank providence for the wind and waves that carried me to this island. I made note of what I do not have—a flintlock, a spy-glass, food, fresh water or shelter. But what I long for is a change of clothing. And a stein…”


“…At night, as I lie in the sand looking at the stars, I think back to what brought me to this point. “See the world, Finnegan. While you’re young.” When I protested about the importance of starting my own business, they said, “There will be ample time to make barrels when you return. Go have an adventure now. “ So off I went. Finnegan the cooper from Ireland, sailing to England to meet a trade ship headed for the West Indies…”

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