We have brewed our 500th batch at Frothy Beard! Yay, us!

But this batch is special for another important reason: we brewed it in honor of our friend Ryan Dedrickson of Zombie Bob’s Pizza.

Some of you know may Ryan from him working at Frothy. Or you might have had some of his great pie when the Zombie Bob’s truck was up and running.

Last year, Ryan was getting the truck ready for an event when he was electrocuted and nearly died. He incurred a lot of medical expense, lost his source of income and had a number of physical problems.

Fast forward to now. Ryan is healthy. Our Frothy partner Wesley Donehue is now the co-owner of Zombie Bob’s Pizza. That’s significant because we are all moving in together—Frothy, Zombie Bob’s and Wesley’s communications firm Push Digital.

Ryan will have the bricks-and-mortar restaurant he dreamed of, AND he’s getting the Zombiemobile repaired to use for catering. Frothy will have great food available along with great beer. It’s just going to be great.

Ryan also has the coolest dog (well, next to Murphy).

So this is what makes our 500th batch so special—our friendship with Ryan and how happy we are for him. The beer is 6.66% ABV (of course it would be!) —it’s a porter called Back from the Dead. Join us and drink to Ryan’s health.

(Ryan will also be using the beer for his pizza dough. Extra yum.)

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