Spring is in full swing here in Charleston, but some nights there’s still a bitter chill in the air and we have the perfect beer to keep up your spirits.

All Pale Spruce Almighty is more than just an American Pale Ale with fresh spruce boughs. It was brewed during our first BREWSTER event. The BREWSTER series is a ladies-only event led by our very own Macey.

We want to share our love of beer with EVERYONE! This beer is special not only because it was brewed by a group of beer-curious women, but also because $1 from every purchase of a pint of All Pale Spruce Almighty goes to Sea Island Habitat for Humanity.

Why that charity? Well, we went straight to the Brewster herself:

Macey: “We thought Sea Island Habitat would be a perfect organization to donate to because they are have a similar goal as BREWSTER.

Both parties are empowering women to do things that society has told us we cannot do, whether it be building houses or brewing beer. We love the idea of women building a house for a single mom and daughter. Both Sea Island and BREWSTER bring like-minded women together to push their limits, problem-solve and ultimately create something beautiful. It is also really cool to donate to a nonprofit and physically see where that money is going, like the money we raised from this beer bought this family their roof or floors or windows.”

How cool is that? Stay tuned for more from the BREWSTER series and spread the love of craft beer to EVERYONE.

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