And ^ you should! Our new brew has flown in and landed.

Albatrosses are impressive birds. They can stay airborne almost indefinitely—gliding around the globe. And they’ve been at this a long time. Our local connection includes fossilized remains of albatross ancestors found in South Carolina that date from the Late Oligocene epoch—which, according to Wikipedia, “wasn’t yesterday.”

Part of our Frothy lore is that Finnegan—our bearded, barrel-clinging mascot—hitched a ride on an albatross after his ship was “less than seaworthy.”

Taste all of that adventure in an English IPA balanced with Maris Otter and English Rye. Nice citrus nose up front and on the palate, leading to a well-balanced hop character and sweet malt finish. 7.9% ABV

- Over 21? -

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