When we became partners in Frothy Beard Brewing Company, we set a goal of having the best social media presence of any craft brewery in the entire nation. We knew that would be a lofty goal given the establishment of the big dogs like Sierra Nevada, Sam Adams, Oskar Blues and New Belgium, and all their money. But we are an award-winning digital company that just ran a presidential campaign and is still running some of the biggest campaigns in the nation. So we can do this. Of course we can. It’s just going to take some time.

Well, it isn’t taking as much time as we thought. Today we were named by craftbeer.com as having the best Facebook presence in the nation, beating out not just the big dogs, but every other craft brewery in the nation. They wrote:

Here’s a nanobrewery who’s nailing digital all-around from their amazing illustrations, to tone across all touchpoints, to authenticity. Although they have not yet reached 10,000 fans, they’ve laid the digital groundwork to grow as big as they can dream. Being a coastal brewery with plenty of ties to the sea (check out the adorable octopus on their growler!), the guys jumped on their love for Shark Week while also displaying their goofy personalities that certainly make fans want to have a pint with them or while watching the week-long event.

I guess that’s what happens when a brewery has full-time advertising and social media experts, designers, videographers, web developers and much more partnering with them. If you think our social media is awesome now, just wait until the construction ends and the brewery opens. Push and Frothy will literally be in the same building. Big things, people. Big things!

Thanks for all the support.


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