Harlowe’s Hats Porter

Who is Harlowe? He’s the cutest member of the next generation of the Frothy family (he belongs to Wesley Donehue). And the hats? He makes everything into one. Boxes. Sports equipment. Bowls. The guy likes hats, OK? And let’s face it—a lot of men look good in a hat. Dashing, even.

To celebrate Harlowe’s second birthday, we’re brewing Harlowe’s Hats Banana Porter. It’s a rich porter fermented with Belgian yeast for a hint of banana esters and peanut butter added in secondary. (Harlowe’s favorite snack is a banana with peanut butter on it.) Harlowe is not 21 yet. If you are, let us pour you one. It’s 7.1% ABV and really tasty. Wear your favorite hat, enjoy a nice beer and raise a glass in honor of the birthday boy. To Harlowe!!!






- Over 21? -

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