Of course they are.

You haven’t seen one? Maybe you don’t know where to look. Let your Frothy friends tell you two things.

One, you know Finnegan, right? He’s our mascot—the bearded fellow clinging to the barrel (the one who isn’t Joey). Finn told us a mermaid once saved his life. He was on his ship in the Mediterranean during a storm and went overboard and, the next thing he knew, a woman was helping him to land. He remembers she was beautiful, he remembers he understood her even though she didn’t speak, he remembers she didn’t have legs but “she had everything else” and he remembers her name was Marla.

Don’t believe it? How about this—stop by Frothy and try Mermaid’s Milk Stout. Great recipe—it’s a coconut milk stout with hints of dark chocolate. Added lactose gives it a rich creamy mouthfeel. This was Macey’s (not Marla’s) first concoction and it’s been a favorite ever since. Believe it! It’s real and it’s on tap now! 7% ABV

- Over 21? -

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